The official Rebels history


During 1991 M:et restarted Rebels Sweden, taking people from his group Cascade (Nick, Oliver) and a few guys who had previously left for the Silents (Alta, Vic) and the Owl (Acro). Rebels Denmark also regained most of their previous members. Rebels started new divisions in Finland with members like Meegosh, Jef, Storm, Heatbeat, Dweezil, Zunga, Zakka, Block, Hansie and others. Throughout the year, Sanity decided to join Rebels, but we suddently became too many members and we had some internal problems with the German division.

During 1991 Rebels co-arranged the Eskilstuna Computer Entertainment Show (ECES) together with Razor 1911, Conqueror and Zike, and Phenomena.

1991 saw the release of many great Rebels demos, including Total Triple Trouble by Droopy with music by Static, Last Dimension by Sundance by Sundance and Xod with music by Yoyo. The finnish guys released the demo Total Triple Trouble at the Anarchy easter party in Nykoping. Blue House 2 released at The Party 91 by Alta with music from Tip and Mantronix and graphics by Havok.

Rebels also started developing a number of Packdisks, the most known probably being Sweetest Perfection series collected by Nick with intros from Oliver and Alta.

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