The official Rebels news

Fixed some broken links in the downloadable demos, made a statement about other rebels groups and our relation to them in the history section. Added a couple of guys in the old Rebels Today section.

Finally added the damn Gallery section with some old images I hope you will like...

Thanks to, most of the x-files has been recovered. The demos I get to work will be moved to this server as a backup. Collectors are encouraged to keep local copies of all demos as archives has a tendency to disappear. Please avoid linking directly to files on this site, but feel free to copy them to your own web account and publish them. Thanks must also go to Conan for keeping the oddest intros! Now all files-links should work. If you miss the odd intro, it might be at, I haven't added everything from there.

Various amiga related and other banner exchanges have been added to increase awareness of the existance of this site. We're thinking about adding a guest book or a web forum to get that real heavy interactive feeling =)}<.

Overhaul and new demos for! The general update will go on for some time due to the amount of demos and intros to prepare. returns after a while of being lost in the world of forgotten IP-Numbers and being confused with Danko's music store!

The Rebels new homepage has a premiere -

Last updated: Saturday, June 05, 1999 18:54 Pacific Daylight Time

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