Alta's Projects

Here is a brief collection of my previous and current non-rebels projects.

Some of my c64 demos (d64 format)
These demos were created when I was a member of TBLC and Heptagon in the c64 scene. I changed handles quite frequently on the c64 scene, and I used the handles "Pohlman", "Zox" and "Alta". If you do not have a c64 and a disk transfer system hooked up, I recommend PHS's CCS64 emulator for viewing them. The emulation is visually perfect. "PART II" is a demo in progress that is missing a lot, but it looks kind of cool so I included it anyway.

Shark - The Emulator
Arcade game emulator for Windows95/98/NT. The latest released version of the emulator plays European and Japanese versions of Flying Shark (Hishou Zame) and Twin Cobra (Kyukyoku Tiger). The link points to Dave's Video Game Classics and you need to look in Arcade Multi Game Emulators and Shark to find it. You also need to download the relevant ROMs which also can be found on this site.

OPL/OPL2/OPLL Emulator (the sound chips ym3812, ym3526 and ym2413)
Emulation of the soundchips in source form, downloadable from this location. The sound chips are used in many arcade games, SEGA Master System, the MSX, and for MIDI music on the SoundBlaster. This emulator is used in the emulators Shark, Retrocade, AMUSE, Mame, RAINIE and a Master System emulator.

Other amiga demos I have been part of creating:
The Silents - Blue House + some stuff
The Electronic Force - New Refresh, Demo 2, Demo 3
Zyx - some intros/etc.
Amiga Lords - Demo (Twist)

Published videogames I have been part of developing:

A dinosaur's tale SEGA Genesis image A Dinosaur's Tale

Samurai Shodown

NBA Hangtime SEGA Genesis image NBA Hangtime

Fatal Fury Special

Fatal Fury Special SEGA CD image
Pocahontas SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive image Pocahontas

Daze before Christmas

Daze before XMas SEGA Genesis image