Legal Policy for this web site
( and subdirectories)

The goal of this site is to be fully legal, no content of the site is intended to harm any private person, organization (such as an amiga or c64 scene group and other organizations) or ethnical group. To ensure this, we have adapted the following policy. It applies only to this web site and not to any other media or any member of the group. In the following text, "Rebels" is intended to be interpreted the Rebels amiga scene group and is not to be confused with any inferior or illegal organizations using the same name.

According to Swedish Law, no name of any private person is mentioned without their approval and then only in very specific cases. Scene handles and names of organizations are however used in any way we wish.

Ethnical groups must not be targeted in any text or image on the site, except for the usual Norweigian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish arguments.

No part of the site is to contain illegal copyrighted material. All images and backgrounds on the site are copyright by Rebels (Amiga) and can not be used in any other form than viewed on this web site without the author's specific approval. Banners and similar graphics linked in from other servers are considered to be part of the server we link from and not this server and may therefore contain unappropriate material. We take no responsibility for that content, but we do take the sensitivity of the audience into consideration before we apply for banner programs.

The policy do not include executable files contained on this site. The files contained on the site are Public Domain in the sense that they must not be altered but are freely owned and distributed in their whole form. No part of these demos may be extracted for other media, except for purely journalistic presentations where the name of the group and the name of the demo is included. These files may contain copyrighted material, such as music that is similar or identical to copyrighted music. Due to the public domain nature of the demos, any monetary requests, like royalties, are to be requested from the public and not Rebels.

Rebels is a non-profit organization.