Expected releases


CHIP NOSTALGIA 2 ( Nostalgic ChipMusicdisk ) 

After the first nostalgic sid/chipmusicdisk (Chip Nostalgia 1), we've decided to release a sequel to it. CN1 was pretty much appreciated, and as Jerry already composed alot of new tunes for it, we cannot se why we shouldn't do it.

New member Timmy will also do some tracks for this nostalgic piece of art, Ambient is most likely to do the code, and Nirvana will do the GFX if all goes as planned.

Release date : ?


HYBRIDSLINKI ( Musicdisk )

The first REAL musicdisk from Rebels since Static released Megablast ages ago. Timmy&Jerry is working with the music, and Eracore has already done most of the GFX. AC will do the code.

This musicdisk will be packed with all kinds of music, although not any techno-tracks. Nice progressive music mixed with emotional slow pieces will be the core, perhaps with a few other ones too.

This musicdisk was supposed to be released some time ago, but as usual delays has led to one thing and another. One thing is for sure, it will be released within the year.

Release date : 1997 (hopefully :)

AQATIC (?) ( Demo )

( Info comming later .. )

Release date : ??


ULTRASONIC ( 40k/64k Intro By Ambient )

This intro was almost ready to be released at Kindergarden 6, but failure to obtain a monitor to complete it caused this delay. It will be released at the first party possible. Ambient will code this, Eracore has completed all the GFX and Jerry has composed the music for it.

Release date : 199?


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