Other groups named Rebels

Are there other groups called Rebels?

This web page only covers the scene group called Rebels that was founded in Denmark exclusively by Danish people in 1989, which other people from around the world joined as the group grew in popularity, after the danish, the Yugoslavians and the Swedish people joined.

I wish to point out that noone owns, or can possibly own, the name "Rebels" since it is too generic for a trademark, so anyone is free to use the word as a name of a group or affiliation.

There has of course been various other groups called Rebels, the first one I was aware of was started by Dr. Anthrax in Kalmar, Sweden and was a c64/amiga group. There has been other groups that never quite reached the fame of Rebels on Amiga, using the name Rebels, before the rise, which M:et has pointed out that he started such a group.

There is also a PC group called Rebels, which is a different group with a different objective.

Check out these Rebels if you're bored to hell. Or these, or these, or these, or these, or these....


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